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Peel and Reveal Labels

If you need to put a lot of information, instructions or language translations into a small labelling space, our innovative peel-and-reveal multi-layered labels are the answer to your problem. The label consists of two layers, both of which can be printed on and, if necessary, we can even print onto the adhesive side of the top layer if a third printed surface is needed.

Peel-and-reveal labels are often used on packaging promotions for coupons, competitions, market research or just where extra space is needed to get your message across.

Peel & Reveal Label Applications

  • Cosmetic & Toiletry
  • Instruction Labels
  • Competition Labels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Coupon Campaign
  • Limited Space Labels

For other options, please see our Technical Data. At Wakefield Labels we are maintaining our industry lead by investing in new machinery.  With ever increasing technological advances, we continue to offer a full range of individual, sheet or reel fed self adhesive labels to meet every requirement, so you always get the best quality available at a competitive price.

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